Usually, we only adopt the hospital environment to perform these procedures, as most of them provide the ICU for support, providing more excellent safety and comfort to patients and families. If you have any complaints about nasal aesthetics, you are recommended to undergo rhinoplasty. Schedule a specialist appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions include:

1) Why Does Rhinoplasty Require Accurate Planning And Technique?

Because the anatomy of the nose is very complex and includes, in a relatively small area, cartilage of different shapes and thicknesses, bones, muscles, mucosa, fat, skin, furrows, contours, irregularities, depressions, angles, etc., its shape varies according to race, sex, age, facial bone growth, among other factors.

2) At What Age Can The Patient Undergo A Rhinoplasty?

Many surgeons prefer not to aesthetically operate the nose of teenagers, at least until they have completed their growth – which is between 15 and 16 years old.

3) Who Is A Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

People with some degree of dissatisfaction seek a better appearance and not perfection in the nose’s physiognomy. These imperfections can be corrected, totally or partially, according to the specific characteristics of each individual.

4) When Does Nose Plastic Surgery Have A Therapeutic Nature Associated With It?

When the patient’s complaints are related to the correction of congenital disabilities such as a cleft nose, respiratory problems (septum deviation, turbinate hypertrophy, adenoid hypertrophy, intranasal polyps, etc.), post-trauma deformities (fracture), acquired deformities (rhinophyma), among others.

5) Can Those Who Have A Respiratory Problem Only Undergo Cosmetic Procedures?

Yes. Despite that, it is recommended to perform the aesthetic and functional correction simultaneously. It is true that the association of the two procedures produces much greater aggression and implies a slower recovery period. However, the ultimate benefit is rewarding. Search for nose surgery after care (หลัง เสริม จมูก which is the term in Thai)

6) What Must Be Taken Into Account Before Undergoing A Rhinoplasty?

If there is an associated repairing character, it is essential to know the anatomical limits that can prevent the desired expectation from being reached. It is also necessary to have a clear definition of what would be the ideal result and what is the possible result. Finally, be aware of all proposed surgical planning, including evolution and complications.